Terms and Conditions !

1. The payment is made in advance 50% before the sketch and 50% after the end of the project

2. The project will have 3 phases: sketching, coloring stage, final detailing

3. After completing the sketch, we can make some small tweaks but not major modifications. Any major modifications can be done for a fee.
(Initial sketch details are added based on each customer's budget, but if the client would like more details or bigger modifications after the initial sketch has been completed they will need to pay an aditional fee based on the level of the details added)

4. Re-sketcing: If you did not like the original sketch, the 2nd sketch will be done for a fee.

5. In the rare case where the sketch will not meet your specific requirements and you would not wish to continue working together, you will be issued a refund, minus the price of the sketch.

6. In the coloring stage, should you not like the colours used, they can be changed for free.

7. Changes will not be accepted at the final stage.

8. After the final stage you will receive a picture with a watermark as proof of completion and in order to receive to watermark free version, the other half of the payment will be needed.

9. The final version will be sent to you via Wetransfer or other means that we can agree upon. You will receive the editable PSD file, JPG and PNG (no background).

10. You can't refuse the artwork once is finished

11. If you decide to re-sell your project, due to any copyright infringement I will request that you contact me so that I can give you my permission. (Some fees may be applied)

12. !!IMPORTANT!! Do not attempt to scam nor try any shaddy practices as there will be serious consequences. Any projects commisioned will be null and void(losing any rights to the project) and we will no longer continue working together resulting in being reported on all my active threads in the blacklist section.

13. After the project is finished, If the client isn't paying the last 50% payment in 7 days he will never recive the files even if the first 50% payment was finished